Make Your Own Birthday Invitations

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If you are hosting a birthday party for a loved one, whether a grown up or a child, there are three ways in which you can invite people over to your party. You could go for the mundane invitations delivered over the phone, get cards printed from a professional establishments; which can be quite expensive, or make your own unique and interesting cards with inexpensive material and some help from websites that offer printable invitations for a variety of occasions. So, if you are all set to flex your creative muscle, lets talk about how you can make your very own eye catching party invitations.

To begin with, give a thought to the birthday boy or girl and his/her age; after all it would be silly to design a pop up card for anybody over the age of 10. You should also consider his/her likes and dislikes and the theme of the party because the invitation can be based on any of these factors.

For instance, if it is a kiddy party and the highlight of the evening will be a magic show; think about how you can convey this information creatively on your card. Similarly if the beach is the theme of a grown ups party, you need to decide on how you can depict the sand and the sea on your cards.

The next thing to consider would be the number of invites; if you are only inviting a dozen people or kids; get out your scissors, coloring pens and sparkles out along with some magazines and craft paper to make your very own invitations. However, if the figure exceeds twelve, it may be cumbersome to make so many invitation cards and in this case it would be more appropriate to simply download printable card templates in a theme of your choice.

Handmade cards:

You will need to decide on the message that you intend to include in your birthday card so that the size can be chosen appropriately. The information should include what, when, where why, how and why. Start with a catchy line that reflects the mood or the theme of the party; remove any extra words so that the space can be used for decoration

Now, choose the supplies that you will need; there are a myriad of paper types and colors available in the market that can be used to design amazing cards, after the size and the paper has been chosen, cut out the invitation cards and think about the embellishments. You can use pictures to decorate the cards or use your computer to download templates of a specific object, which can then be cut and glued to the cards. Also decide on glitter, beads etc that will add a touch of personality to your cards.

Cards made from birthday invitation templates

If you are using an invitation template available online, print out several dummy invites in various themes, as folded or single page invitations with the inclusion of any additional images or clip art that you want to insert in the template. You should get what you are looking for in a few attempts; with the design ready, you can the add words to the invitations.


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