30th Birthday Invitations – Previewing an Important Celebration

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Before making your 30th birthday invitations, you have to understand that turning 30 is an important event. This is the period of a person’s life when he or she is usually settled and has already built a career for himself or herself. Well, at least, it is as it should be. However, if you haven’t established yourself career-wise or family-wise yet, turning 30 is still a reason to celebrate.

For 30th birthday invitations, the important thing is to make sure that these invites give guests an idea of how significant the event is to the person celebrating the special day. The invitations should mirror the theme and style of the party that will be held and should be catchy enough to make people want to come. Invitations, after all, are the first hurdles that you should overcome to make sure that your party is a success.

Choosing the theme

The theme of your invitations should reflect the style of the party. Whether it is a formal one or a casual dance event or an outdoor get-together, the invites should be able to tell guests what they can expect from the celebration. In choosing the design of your invitation, make sure that it depicts the nature of the birthday bash. You can choose designs based on what attracts you most, what you value most in life (your family, friends, career, etc.) and who the invitees are.

Sources of invitations

If you are a busy person, you can just print free samples of invites from the Internet or just send online cards through emails to your friends and other guests. Although this is very convenient, it will not have the same impact if you send the cards through post. If you have ample time before the party itself, sending invitations through mail will be better.

If you don’t fancy searching through the Web, you can just purchase off-the-shelf invitations from stationery shops and specialty stores. This is another option that busy people can explore, although design and wording choices will not be as vast as those offered online. If you want it to be extra special and you have a knack for artistic activities, making the invitations yourself is your best option. Hand-made invitations bring a certain touch to the occasion and your guests will surely appreciate the effort you’ve exerted and if only for that, might be more than willing to attend the event.

Other factors that should be considered

Since it is an adult party, make sure that you give your guests enough time to prepare for it. A lot of them will likely have busy schedules and sending invites a couple of days before the actual event will be an imposition. Give them time to prepare, but also ask them to confirm whether they will attend or not. Knowing how many people will be able to make it will make the organizing job an easier one. And oh, don’t forget to tell them if there is a dress code or a costume requirement, they will not appreciate it if they come to the party looking like the odd one out.

When you make 30th birthday invitations, your personal preference is an important element, but your guests’ convenience should also come into play. It will be more special if your guests enjoy it as much as you do.


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