Pros & Cons of Save the Date Wedding Magnets

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The date has been set but there are still a million other things to organise before you get as far as sending out the invites, so how can you make sure that your key guests can be aware of the date as quickly as possible? ‘Save the date’ greetings now come in a range of styles, from save the date wedding magnets, to cards, notelets and photo cards – any internet ‘save the date’ search will bring up thousands of choices, so why bother with a magnet:

A magnet can have several advantages:

  • These magnets are always personalised with your details, so they demonstrate to your guests that you have given thought and priority to your wish for their presence, which makes them already feel a valuable part of your day, even before the invite arrives.
  • By the nature of the magnetic design, these can be both hard wearing and water proof, giving a distinct advantage over paper or card-based products which may suffer accidental rippage or damage.
  • Due to being more hard wearing, these may be much more likely to still be around as a long-term reminder to your guest of the date, easily lasting until the invitation arrives.
  • Again, due to their long-lasting nature, these magnets can become a fantastic keep-sake of the day itself- a cheery kitchen reminder of fun times ahead (in the run up) or past (once happened), which again makes the recipient feel that they are a much wanted presence on the day and lasts much longer than an email.

However, you may have a particular reason for not choosing magnets, such as:

  • The cost: depending on how many you order, and the level of personalisation involved, such items can be considerably more expensive than shop-bought or homemade card versions.
  • Time delay: in theory you could buy ready-made cards on the way home from confirming your date with your chosen venues, complete them the same evening and pop them in the post the next day, job done. With the personalisation required of the magnets, there is an obvious time delay between ordering, receiving and then posting out for your guests – if time’s not on your side for this, then magnets are probably not your best option.
  • Does everyone on your guest list know what to do (or specifically not to do) with a magnet? I know of at least one elderly magnet recipient who kept it in pride of place in a credit card wallet where he could look at it regularly, and then found that this prolonged exposure began to affect the cards. You don’t want to patronise anyone, but you might want to check that this idea suits all of your potential guests!


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