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Planning a wedding will obviously require tons of careful decisions and organizations so that everything will go according to what is planned. One of crucial things a couple will encounter is deciding on their wedding programs. These wedding stationeries are meant to help the guests follow the event proceedings. Aside from that, wedding programs are one of the keepsakes that couples will more likely cherish and treasure for the years to come.

Wedding programs don’t have to be too elaborate. In fact, they can be as simple as handwritten one-page leaflets. But for couples who opt for custom-ordered bound booklet, they have to look for such online or in a local specialty store.

Ceremony programs basically include several parts of the wedding ceremony: Introduction; Ceremony Proceedings; The Wedding Party and other VIPs; and some acknowledgment to both sets of family, to all the guests, and memorials of deceased relatives.

Under the Introduction is a summary of the basics that includes the bride’s and groom’s full names, wedding date, and location.

It will be followed by the Ceremony proceedings that will serve as step-by-step guide to the flow of the event, from the wedding entourage to recessional. This part can be elaborated with any special custom or tradition that will be included in the ceremony, as well as some special readings and/or poetries.

Last is the list of everything about the wedding party and the wedding VIPs and their relation to the bride and groom. These people usually include both sets of parents, bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen, best man, flower girl(s), ring bearer and of course the officiant of the ceremony. Musicians may also be included on this section.

An optional addition could be a thank-you message for couple’s parents, guests, and memorials of loved ones who passed away.

For many couples who prefer homemade wedding programs, this idea is actually pretty simple and easy. They can easily print out a program template in a nice stationery; there are lots of templates online that can be used for free. When choosing special paper, the could needs to pay attention to the type of paper, as well as its color, design and other details. A wedding program has to fit the theme of the wedding, thus it is very important to put extra effort when making them.

There are lots of trends and ideas for ceremony programs. While some couples opt for programs that highlight the color, theme, and/or season of the wedding, others opt for a more clever and classy idea to style their wedding programs – a stylish and cool way to inform their guests about the event proceedings.

Customized wedding programs, invitations and other wedding-related stationeries can be purchased online. These wedding supplies, however, need to be ordered well in advance because it may take time for them to be finished, as they are more likely in bulk. There are also custom bridal shower invitations and other special cards like place cards and thank you cards that can be customized according to the theme of a wedding.


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