Tips on Creating Memorable 40th Birthday Party Invitations

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When you think about 40th birthday party invitations, you have a few things to consider. First of all, what sort of personality does the guest of honor have? Are they outgoing, shy, funny, sarcastic? You have options when it comes to invitations, from purchasing them from a traditional card shop, creating them yourself or purchasing them online. If you purchase invitations online, you have the option of creating your own invitations and customizing them. This can be especially funny if you have any really great photos of that person that are humorous.

The invitation could be based on a hobby that the birthday person is interested in, or a sport they like to play or watch. Maybe they really like a certain color. Over the Hill is a phrase that is pretty well used when it comes to a 40th birthday, so you will likely find plenty of invitations around that theme. Shape can come into play as well, such as the shape of the grim reaper or a coffin.

Writing your own invitation can be fun, you can make up a funny verse for the front. Don’t feel too pressured, just think of a few funny lines and personalize them to the birthday person. The personalization of invitations makes them all the more meaningful.


Don’t forget to include the pertinent information on the invitation. This information should include:

• The name of the guest of honor and the birthday (40)

• the location of the party – including directions and a street address;

• whether or not it is a surprise (no late arrivals) and where to park so the guest of honor won’t see guest’s cars;

• the time of the party and the expected time it will end (so people don’t stay until 6:00 a.m.);

• RSVP information so each guest can reply – phone number, email address and the date that they need to reply by;

• Any other information, such as wear a costume in a certain theme, bring a food dish, bring your own booze, etc.

You can order a lot of supplies that you will need to create unique invitations online or you can create them online and have them shipped to you. You may need to upload a photo of the guest of honor to place on the front of the invitation, but creating your own invitations a great way to personalize them and make your guest of honor feel special.


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